? Welcome to Soli Deo Gloria Onlin


Welcome to Soli Deo Gloria Online





About Soli Deo Gloria Online and owner J. Rhett Lively

In 2011 the Hi-Sky Emmaus Community came in need of a new website to maintain and manage their website. They worked for a few months looking for someone who was willing and able to take care of their needs on a regular basis and who was understanding that some of their information would change on a daily basis.

In late 2011, after much prayer, I decided it was time to figure out how to update and maintain websites so that I could help the Hi-Sky Emmaus Community continue reaching out into the Midland area and helping Christian leaders grow through their ministry. At the time, my only intention was to simply fill a need in the community that, for whatever reason, no one else was stepping up to the plate to handle.

As time moved forward, I eventually got a call from the Executive Director at MARC asking if I would be interested in building an updated website and then managing it for them as new information needed to added to the website. Having not planned to create a business in building website, my wife and I did a little quick soul searching and decided that, if for nothing else, the extra money would be nice and would help us pay some bills here and there. In February 2012 I took over MARC's website and also created Soli Deo Gloria Online.

What's In A Name?

When I introduce myself and tell people the name of my company, I often get strange looks and questions. Most often they want to know where the name Soli Deo Gloria Online came from.

Soli Deo Gloria, which translates to English "To God Alone the Glory" is a phrase that we have discovered was on our family's Coat of Arms during the time of the Crusades back in Wales. In studying our family's history, we have discovered a rich history of ancestors who have stepped up to either fight for, minister for, or do what was needed at the time to further the Kingdom of God.

As I looked to name my company, I took a bit of time to look into what I want this company to be. There are hundreds of people out there who do web and graphic design and I knew I would have to set myself apart. Going back to my family's history, I decided the best way I could both honor my family and set myself apart in this electronic world was to name my company for the phrase which my ancestors once fought under and continue the work of "Furthering the Kingdom of God Though Digital Media."


Soli Deo Gloria Online has grown slowly over the last couple of years. I am still trying to find my footing in this every-changing world of the internet and I am learning something new each and every day. Currently, SDGO is managing several websites, creating powerpoint presentations, managing the social media accounts of several companies, managing databases, and taking on other graphics, photography, internet and digital media jobs as the doors are opened to us.

I am proud to say that while we do many jobs for a regular monthly fee, we able to do a few jobs as a charitable donation as well. As we do, though, those jobs are given the same time, effort and care that our regular paying customers receive.

Moving Forward

I have many hopes as to what will become of Soli Deo Gloria Online in the future, but none of those hopes matter if I take them and allow them to move outside of God's Will for my life and this company. God gave me this opportunity to help my wife and I weather a storm when she was diagnosed with cancer and I hope that by living up to the name of my company, He allows it to continue for many years to come.